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The Future of Mobility

Recently this year, Sebastian Thrun’s company “Kitty Hawk” launched flying vehicles which aim to provide efficient and reliable mobility to customers. Flying mobility is now rapidly shifting from the ‘prototype phase’ to the ‘regular use’ phase. Similar are the advancements of the land vehicles - driverless cars and smart bikes.


Land vehicles like bikes and bicycles are redesigned to be more lightweight than ever before. In this Startup Saturday, we will explore the opportunities lying underneath these futuristic urban machines and how to build a business around it. These flash speed mobility is going to take us mountains! Don’t you want to explore that soon?


In this Startup Saturday, we have speakers who bag experience in the business of futuristic electric land vehicles. The future of mobility is not just going to confine in electric and lightspeed but also is recyclable and eco-friendly.


Team headstart invites you all to quench your curiosity and gain insights on how to develop innovation and startups around sustainable & eco-friendly mobility. Enroll for the event today! It is a high and wonderful time for you to Start-Up! Now prepare a long list of questions you’ll be asking to speakers of this session - whether it be a silly question or a complex one, be ready with all your questions. We’ll make sure it gets answered in this startup Saturday!

Event Details

20 Oct, 2018
05:00 PM to 08:00 PM
CIIE Ahmedbad
IIM A New Campus
Nr Vastrapur
Ahmedabad - 380046

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